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About Me

"I don´t want to be good today, I want to be great tomorrow and I want to be better the next day. It´s about being better each day" - Doug Gordon

My Photographic Journey

The photographic journey for me is fun and full of engineering precision, compositional calculations and constant improvement. But most of all, the endless creativity.

My biggest passion is technique called Digital Layer Blending and HDR. I don´t care about the reflection of the reality in my pictures, I care about giving my creative vision at its best.

I don´t take traditional approaches, I see the creation of the picture in a quality management perspective. I´m highly technical, decisional and disciplined. But I never loose the creative and fun side of it.

Business and Mindeset  Side of It All

In essence I don´t consider myself as photographer. I consider myself as an artist, visionary and entrepreneur. I see the ways to change the photography business to much more modern, vibrant, fresh and dynamic. The whole thing started for me when I approached the photography business with startup mentality. That opened the whole new level of freshness to it. 

That´s what makes me successful, I´m fast, I´m fresh, I´m positive and I value The Client and the human side of it all. I apply all the rules that apply to startups and I´m not into the oldfashioned corporate culture.

As to changing photography business, we started an awesome service Licensify.co . Place where photographers can upload their pictures and share to social media or to clients and the clients can have an awesome xperience buying usage rights quick and fast. You may check it out and start today.: Licensify.co

My Social Presence

Best place to find me would be My FB picture blog. Where I upload one magical picture every day and give occational hints and tips on the photography. My Facebook Photography page. Though I got to warn you that stuff that I write there is mostly in my native language estonian. I upload occasionally square sized versions of images also to my Instagram feed. 500px is the place where I upload only my best work and looking for the best inspiration. The photographers there are just amazing. Best place to contact me or get occasional updates is my Twitter.

I also have some boards over at Pinterest

See you around and feel free to subscribe any or all of the social accounts and say Hello to me. Any requests to use my pictures could be sent through contact page in my portfolio.

If you've got some amazing task or challenge, I'm the one to contact. Challenge me.


I co-hosted in cooperation with Siiri Kumari, the Fantasy Workshop Series in Estonia. We organised them after every few months and always at the amazing locations like manors or castles. We came together in 2014 and had big plans but we never imagined the series would get so fast so popular and inspiring. The whole event is a big success and great place to learn and meet new inspiring people. With some of them you´ll become friends and work together in the future.

Currently I'm organising my own photography challenge events. More about the concept here at my blog post.

More and up to date information for the next workshop is found here:

My Workshops

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